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Lóci játszik: folk special

world music, jazz, popular music

Open-Air Car Park
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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In just a brief series of musical moments, across a few short years, the band Lóci Játszik have become famous throughout Hungary. They have barely paused for breath in the last five years, and released their third record, Rózsa utca (Rózsa Street), at the end of 2019, a more eclectic album than their previous efforts. They remain unstoppable: now, an old dream of frontman Csorba Lóránt will become a reality when his band - already well-stocked with wind instruments - join up with the musicians of the Csík Band. The latter will help Csorba draw from Hungarian folk music and showcase the folk elements of the melodies already present in the songs of Lóci Játszik.

Lóci Játszik's catchy songs are almost subconsciously influenced by traditional, folk and regional music. This feature will now be consciously emphasised in a special concert that is truly unique in every way. Attila Szabó, the violinist, guitarist and orchestrator from Csík Band, also drew Lóci and company's attention to the fact that - even if unwittingly - the influence of folk music is clear in their songs. Attila, together with other musicians from Csík, will help them to explore this feature in detail. Szabó, the most important contributor to this adventure, has an incredible talent for blending pop and folk music, as his work with countless bands, including Kispál és a Borz and Quimby will testify. He even contributed some of the lyrics to one of Lóci's songs (for the song Egy lassú (A Slow One) from their new album), so 'you can see what a slow one is like - when the musicians are playing at dawn in the dancehall, sounding out the last notes of the night.' As Lóci promises: 'With our songs, they can throw off their stiff polar jackets and start a good old bit of pair dancing.' The uniqueness of the occasion is further enhanced by the fact that it's a drive-in concert: 'Dancing along with the audience is one of the most important features of a Lóci Játszik concert. Getting people in a parked car to start dancing is going to be the most exciting challenge of the year. I can hardly wait for the indicator lights to start flashing in time with our band's shaking hips!'

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • vocals, bass guitar, guitar
    Lóránt Csorba
  • piano
    Ágoston Dobozy
  • drums
    Tibor Fábián
  • guitar
    Bence Fülöp
  • trumpet
    Dániel Rácz
  • saxophone
    Gellért Vadász
  • vocals
    Anna Szabó
  • double bass
    Zoltán Hegyi
  • accordion
    Zsolt Barcza (Csík Band)
  • double bass
    József Bartók (Csík Band)
  • viola
    Tamás Kunos (Csík Band)
  • wind instruments
    Péter Makó (Csík Band)
  • violin
    Attila Szabó (Csík Band)


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