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Lázár Brothers: Hullámtörés (Breaking the Waves)

Album release concert

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The two brothers, known for their performances in the bands Esti Kornél and Pegazusok Nem Léteznek, first partnered up in 1992 when Ágoston came into the world, three years after Domokos. They would never have guessed, of course, that they would later take to the stage together as the Lázár Brothers. Hullámtörés (Breaking the Waves), their first album of melancholy, acoustic and minimally orchestrated songs, was released in the autumn of 2020. This evening will be their only album release concert in Budapest. It promises to be an intimate, familial, brotherly and serious-minded concert.
After the alternative rock music of Esti Kornél and the more intimate and sensitive minimal pop of Pegazusok Nem Léteznek, Domokos and Ágoston Lázár gave their first acoustic concert performance as the Lázár Brothers in 2017. They initially performed songs from their bands and covers as a guitar playing and singing twosome, before the pair were inspired to write new material using their incredibly harmonious vocals. They released their first songs in 2019, then their debut album, Hullámtörés (Breaking the Waves) in the autumn of 2020. At this, their only album release concert in Budapest, their goal is to create an 'at once intimate, familial and brotherly atmosphere, with a seriousness suited to the profound layers of the songs, creating an atmosphere that elevates subjectivity and the artistic statement,' though the theme will also determine the direction of the programme. 'The melancholic atmosphere is combined with the stripped-back forms and the instinctive time of being a young adult, curious about the world and filled with emotion,' the protagonists promise, as they invite to the concert 'guest musicians in love with the new who have an instinctive generational openness and an enthusiastic, self-reflective attitude.'

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  • guitar, vocals
    Ágoston Lázár, Domokos Lázár
  • piano, metallophone
    Márk Csernovszky
  • cello
    Janka Porkoláb, Áron Rátkay

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