Jazz talent exchange - Ákos Fekecs Project

world music, jazz, popular music

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The more things change, the more they stay the same with the afternoon talent exchange for the 13th Jazz Showcase! Once again, from 7 to 9 February nine young bands will be on show on two great venues at Müpa Budapest, Banner Square and the Atrium. The most exciting and extraordinary group will be chosen by an international jury of illustrious personalities to win the chance to further display their talents both at Müpa Budapest and beyond.

This year, however, the exchange will kick off at 3 pm each day. This is to allow time for a discussion between members of the bands and a popular media personality before the concert. Spectators will have the chance to get to know the young musicians beyond the information in Müpa's printed guide, as they tell us in their own words what inspired them to make the unusual decision of embarking on a career as a jazz musician. The speeches won't get in the way of the music, however: every band will perform a one-hour concert. Once again we will enjoy boundary pushing electronic experimentalist groups such as SHINTERZ or the Ákos Fekecs Project, instrumentalist bands capable of applying modern solutions to shape traditional music styles in their own image with Balázs Rodek Trio, the Patrik Sebestyén Sextet and the Szalóky Group, and vocal-centred groups from a wide range of backgrounds like Perpetuum, the Eszter Hász Quintet, the Rebeka Nagy-Babos Quartet and the Lacika Bari Trio. Jazz lovers will enjoy attending the shows not only because of the free performances that give offer a vision of the future of the Hungarian jazz scene, but also because they will have the chance to vote for their favourite band.
This event is presented in association with the Hungarian Jazz Federation, the Zemplén Festival and the ELTE Jazz Studies Research Group.

The Ákos Fekecs Project was formed in July of 2017 with the goal of bringing the musical ideas of Ákos and his friends and bandmates to life. Their music ranges from soft jazz harmonies and elements of world music to fusion beats, asymmetrical rhythms and modern electronic sounds. Their performances also feature some energetic improvisations in addition to their written material. In 2018, the Ákos Fekecs Project won the international Laureate World Jazz Contest. Ákos has been working on his own compositions since 2011. The band has appeared to great acclaim at the Jazz in the Park Festival, Babel Sound Festival, PulzArt Contemporary Art Festival, Valley of the Arts Festival and the Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • EWI, saxophone
    Máté Bartók
  • flute
    Ádám Munkácsi
  • keyboard instruments
    Norbert Bejan
  • guitar
    Péter Usztics
  • bass guitar
    István Siklai
  • drums
    Ákos Fekecs
  • host
    Péter Novák


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