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Jamie Winchester - Just A Guitar

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
The performance has been cancelled.

We regret to inform our esteemed audience that the performance has been cancelled. Valid tickets can be redeemed using the online interface previously set up for this purpose until 26 January 2021.

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Jamie Winchester - a man who needs no introduction. An Irishman and honorary Hungarian pop musician who has played alongside almost every member of the Hungarian pop elite. His performances in the Baba Yaga fusion band, on a joint project with Róbert Hrutka and as a solo artist have won Winchester incredible popularity in Hungary. He may be an Irishman, but the singer-songwriter and guitarist has spent half his life, 25 of his 50 years here. After a nine-year break, Jamie returned this autumn with a new solo record to mark his 50th birthday, accompanied by a no-frills solo concert.

Jamie Winchester, who was born in 1970, moved with his family to Budapest in 1986. 'I have been alive for 50 years, and I have spent exactly half of that time, 25 years, in Hungary. For the occasion, I am inviting people who love my music to my 'home' for an intimate evening together.' Jamie has already appeared at Müpa Budapest on numerous occasions, though this end-of-year concert will be very different from other times we have seen and heard him in the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. 'In my opinion, this concert hall is a very interesting space. It is imposing and grandiose, but you can also create an incredibly intimate atmosphere. I've already played there on a few occasions, and we've always tried to put on a large-scale production to match the size of the hall. We've brought string instruments, a Russian folk band; once we had a total of 70 performers, including the choir. Now I feel like it would be really exciting to take a completely different approach, to face the kind of challenge where there is no space to hide, no 'tricks', just me. My voice, my guitar, and my favourite songs.' We can look forward to some more and less well-known songs, classic tunes, brand new tracks and covers: 'plenty of songs which are perfectly suited to the stripped-down format.'

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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    Jamie Winchester

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