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Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet - CCMYK

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Bridging Europe 2021 - Budapest-Berlin

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After conquering the clubs as a Berlin DJ and producer, Henrik Schwarz gradually started to move away from the world of the dance floor in order to broaden his artistic spectrum. He has crossed electronic dance music and jazz, and is currently adding his own spin to the fusion of classical music and techno. His partner in this is the Amsterstam-based Alma Quartet, and in September we'll get to hear some excerpts from the material in their two programmes, with musical movements that pair the string players with electronic sounds and break down the elements of classical music revealing the unexpected.

Following the principle of step-by-step progress, the German electronic music DJ and producer Henrik Schwarz started out by creating work of lasting value in the deep house style before crowning his work as a DJ with two marvellous mix albums (2006's DJ-Kicks and 2009's The Grandfather Paradox, the latter developed in conjunction with Âme and Dixon) and then converting the recordings into live appearances. Although he had previously ventured into the instrumental world of future jazz, his joint releases with Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft experimented with a free improvisational concoction of jazz, contemporary music, and electronic sounds, eventually leading to Schwarz's attention being diverted to classical music. First he made a record together with the full orchestra Metropole Orkest, and then with the Alma Quartet. What we'll get to hear are excerpts from the most joint recent album, 2019's CCMYK, as well as from the earlier programme Plunderphonia. The latter extracts excerpts from movements of classical music and creates new works out of them. In addition to partnering on these reworkings of works by Béla Bartók, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Terry Riley, the Alma Quartet is also joining in with improvising classical music synchronized with electronic sounds - creating a synthesis between the two worlds.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • computer
    Henrik Schwarz
  • first violin
    Marc Daniel van Biemen
  • second violin
    Benjamin Peled
  • viola
    Jeroun Woudstra
  • cello
    Clément Peigné

Bridging Europe 2021 - Budapest-Berlin

Bridging Europe 2021 - Budapest-Berlin

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