Erika Náray and special guest: Viktor Segal

world music, jazz, popular music

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Bohemian Event Venue
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The world famous chef has worked outside of Hungary in stylish hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants for many years. While he remains very much in demand, when at home you are more likely to spot him at literary events, theatres and concerts. He has witnessed a wealth of interesting and often unusual situations, encountered a wide range of people and stories and seen destinies unfold in front of him. Being a celebrity chef may be hard work, but it's often a lot of fun too. Viktor Segal loves trying to work out what lies beneath the surface.

He was once greeted by President Bill Clinton, though there was no chance of him tasting the Hungarian chef's cooking, as strict security guidelines dictate what the presidential couple can eat during ceremonial events. The chief of protocol recommended they take a photo together, but Viktor Segal politely turned down the request. Why should they take a photo together if they had never had a conversation, if they didn't have a genuine relationship? Viktor is more than happy to have his photo taken with writers like Anna Szabó T. and György Dragomán, however, because not only does he hold them in the highest regard, he also has a personal and friendly relationship with them. And all three of them love jazz.
In 1989, Segal left Hungary armed only with two suitcases. He worked abroad for ten years, yet never asked what his salary would be. He simply wanted to improve, and always went somewhere where he could learn something new. And he stayed in a place just so long as he was excited by what he was doing. Segal has said that he enjoyed bringing the work of up to 120 people together in a stylish, first class establishment, but that he now yearns for the complete opposite - for a restaurant where he is personally able to serve the guests the food he has made.

Audience members, who will be able to take their seats at the Bohemian Event Venue on a first-come, first-served basis from 6 pm, receive a welcome drink and can enjoy dinner before or after the concert.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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