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Erika Náray and special guest: Noémi Orvos-Tóth

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Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The clinical psychologist Noémi Orvos-Tóth has not only earned widespread recognition for her book Örökölt sors - Családi sebek és a gyógyulás útjai (Inherited Fate - Family Wounds and Roads to Recovery), but also for her empathetic and effective approach to treatment. We won't only hear about her work, however: Orvos-Tóth will also discuss art and her close ties to the world of jazz. It promises to be a truly special evening with an expert who has achieved significant results in her attempts to explore the causes behind our anxieties, our failed relationships and our disappointments.

Noémi Orvos-Tóth's goal is to work with her patients to develop more effective ways of resolving problems, a more balanced emotional life, more harmonious personal relationships and a deeper level of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Her book Inherited Fate came with the power of revelation, as it revealed how 'the traumas of our family, their unprocessed fears and their broken relationships don't fade away with their passing, but live on within us. Persecution during wartime in the past can, in our own lives, present itself as a form of depression. The trauma of being forcibly relocated leaves us in a permanent state of uncertainty, while the loss of attachment felt by one's orphaned great-grandmother can lead to one's own failures in personal relationships.' Exploring the life events of earlier generations and a trans-generational approach can help liberate us from agonising symptoms. In her other highly acclaimed book, Egy nárcisztikus hálójában - Felépülés egy érzelmileg bántalmazó kapcsolatból (In the Web of a Narcissist - Recovering from an Emotionally Damaging Relationship), Orvos-Tóth uses concrete examples to explore the reasons why relationships go wrong and the possible opportunities for liberation. During this evening with Noémi Orvos-Tóth, we will once again encounter some of the countless links between psychology and art.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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