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Splinters - Pilinszky 100 / Kurtág 95

An evening of contemporary music and literature

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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"They share the single-minded succinctness of the poet and musician, the knowledge of how to experience and convey the thrilling silence and a cry that penetrates right to the marrow, as well as a confrontation with death, an ever-recurring experience," the great musicologist János Kárpáti, who recently passed away, wrote in connection with Pilinszky and Kurtág. This evening will see a performance by Natasa Stork and Sándor Zsótér of the words of the Hungarian poet János Pilinszky, including works from the composer György Kurtág that are tied to Pilinszky, as well as Kurtág's arrangements of the works of Bach, which have a fundamental significance for both Hungarian artists.

Though vocal works form a central role in Kurtág's ouevre, his instrumental pieces also yearn to express themselves with such a burning intensity that is as though they were the musical arrangements of unwritten texts. This is not the only relationship between the Kurtág works featured in this concert. They all, without exception, have a link to Pilinszky. Certain pieces only allude to Pilinszky, some - including the Bach transcriptions - were dedicated by Kurtág to Pilinszky, and a few have a more direct link to the poet. Such as the Splinters cycle for cimbalom. Though the musical piece began to take form before the poetry volume of the same name was published, the name for its final form was inspired by the poet, just like the four Pilinszky songs, rarely heard in their original form, with a unique encounter between words and music, poet and composer.

In the course of the evening, Natasa Stork and Zsótér Sándor will perform the poem cycle Végkifejlet by János Pilinszky, as well as extracts from the Szálkák cycle.

The programme for the evening was compiled by Péter Kárpáti and Gergely Fazekas.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • János Bali
  • actors
    Natasa Stork, Sándor Zsótér
  • Bozay zither
    Helga Debreczeni-Kis
  • baritone
    Szabolcs Hámori
  • cimbalom
    Erzsébet Gódor, Miklós Lukács
  • violin
    Éva Osztrosits
  • viola
    Péter Bársony
  • cello
    Ditta Rohmann
  • clarinet
    Péter Szűcs
  • horn
    János Benyus
  • piano
    Gábor Csalog, András Kemenes
  • Director, dramaturg
    Péter Kárpáti

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