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An evening with Géza Aczél

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • LITERARIUM - Contemporary Writers at Müpa Budapest

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Géza Aczél is one of the most versatile creators in contemporary Hungarian literature. He has spent several decades as an editor and then editor-in-chief at the Alföld journal in Debrecen, while he is also known for his work as a literary historian, culminating in his great monograph on Kassák. His ambitious poetic works, which reached a spectacular peak in the 2000s, mark his place in the very forefront of Hungarian literature.

His expansive chunks of verse, the poetic dictionary format he created, the sometimes elegiacal and avant-garde-inspired, epic world of form and his wise, old-age scepticism combine to make Géza Aczél's poetry incomparably unique, recognisable and vital. In one interview published in the literary portal Litera, he also revealed his social sensitivity and deep-rooted empathy: "After some time, I began to feel that this subjective poetic form was excessively fragile. Without a groundbreaking linguistic force, it was unsuitable for the poetic enrichment of bountiful intellectual experiences, not to mention the previously felt need to - and perhaps this is the effect of being a regular reader of the great Russian novels - order my fate autobiographically, as well as the social embeddedness and the emotional legacy of those around me. Since almost all of the people in my most familiar environment were from the spheres of officialdom and the petty bourgeoisie, I was faced with a decision. I could filter my experiences of this world into the classic situation of a Gogol-style satire, but for this my discretion for my loyal family ties was too strong, while I also felt the injustice of placing these modest and human people on a pedestal in a dishonest and dictatorial society due to mechanisms of power that essentially operated independently of them. To this day, I do not agree with that class's moral degradation, arrogant contempt and exploitation of these people with a sense of duty as secular brothers." A few days before this Müpa Budapest event, this palpably attractive personality and larger-than-life poet will celebrate his 75th birthday.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • actor
    Pál Mácsai
  • saxophone
    János Vázsonyi
  • Presenter and host
    Lajos Jánossy
  • Director
    József Balog

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LITERARIUM - Contemporary Writers at Müpa Budapest

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