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Marica Puppet Theatre: Now Just Stop That, Kancsil!

Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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Have you ever heard of the mouse-deer? He is a special little creature: not strong, but crafty, no bigger than a shoe box, yet his heart is in the right place. Everyone in the forest, both great and small, knows him by the name of Kancsil. Not everyone is willing him to succeed, of course, due to his peculiar nature, but we will see that all's well that end's well. With the Marica Puppet Theatre, in addition to witnessing Kancsil's myriad special abilities, we can also see how he tricks the other animals, and later how he saves them.

Marica Tárnok and Mari Sz. Nagy's puppet production is literally a recyclable show. The tiger's head is made from a shoe box, an eggbox-decorated crocodile races along on a skateboard, and two plastic bags are transformed into a jellyfish in front of our eyes. Materials, objects and tools familiar from our everyday lives appear on the stage in an unusual and surprising context, helping to remind children that with a bit of creative imagination, they can make a game out of anything. The two talented stage presences will be joined by their equally gifted accomplice, Lilla László, who will provide a live display of her wide array of voices. Using existing objects and sounds borrowed from nature, an entire charmed forest is brought to life. At its centre - though definitely not its king - is Kancsil, the mouse-deer. The animal, indigenous to Indonesia, has some rather ambitious desires: his dream is to become the greatest and most powerful ruler of all the animals. But will he get the chance? To find out, Marica Puppet Theatre will be counting on the active participation of the children in the audience. Then in the activity session following the performance, the kids will also have the chance to use recyclable materials to create various characters and objects, which they can even use to carry on the story at home!

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Puppet designers and puppeteers
    Marica Tárnok, Mari Sz. Nagy
  • Musical collaboration
    Lilla László
  • Music
    György Philipp
  • Choreography
    Krisztián Gergye
  • Costumes
    Móni Béres
  • Director
    Marica Tárnok

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