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From Saint Michael to Saint Andrew - Autumn Folk Traditions

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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Autumn is here, it is here again, as Sándor Petőfi once wrote. In this show the noted proponent of Hungarian folk culture Zoltán "Batyu” Farkas and his able assistants will present Hungarian traditions of autumn with stories, songs and dancing, not to mention grape harvest revelries and military enlistment. The months that fall between the merry summer and bleak winter are deceitful: the weather may be pleasant at times, but we cannot forget that the cold will soon come a-knocking. The folk singer Krisztina Benedek and the Bagi Muharay Elemér Traditional Band and Orchestra will ensure a totally authentic atmosphere.

Michael the Archangel vanquishes the forces of evil with his enormous sword. The martyr Andrew the Apostle, otherwise known as Saint Andrew, went from being a follower of John the Baptist to a disciple of Jesus Christ. In Hungary, the autumn festive period has always placed Saint Andrew at its centre, with the harvest festival arguably the most significant event. As well as seeing the harvesting of crops that will feed the people throughout the year, the period was considered a major event throughout the country, with large-scale singing and dancing and also the grape harvest. As part of the grape harvest celebrations, the produce and trellises were adorned with bunches of grapes, while the girls eagerly awaited to see who would ask them to dance. Shadow lies behind all sunlight, however. The spruced-up lads are taken away to be soldiers, as the girls bid farewell to the heroic boys with song and dance. Created by Zoltán "Batyu” Farkas, this show brings the traditions of autumn to life by drawing our attention to this duality. Farkas is ably assisted by Krisztina Benedek as she tell stories, sings, teaches and initiates us into these Hungarian customs. For more than six decades, Bag in Pest County has been rightly proud of the Muharay Elemér Traditional Band. Now, its members will help bring these traditions to life.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Bagi Muharay Elemér Traditional Band and Orchestra
  • storytelling, vocals
    Krisztina Benedek
  • presenter
    Zoltán "Batyu” Farkas
  • choreographer
    Lajos Rónai Jr.

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