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Ballet Company of Győr: GisL

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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A masterpiece of 19th-century Romantic ballet, whose popularity is unabated, Giselle established a style with a title role that is every ballerina's dream. The piece, which had its premiere in 1841, conquered the world with Adolphe Adam's music. This production is really special: performed by the Ballet Company of Győr, this mystical, beautiful and chilling story now comes to new life with music by Félix Lajkó.
Said choreographer László Velekei: "With every work, I have a vision. With Giselle, it was the image of being danced to death that set me off working. The country girl's amorous disappointment and afterlife are condensed into a single act. We are after a production that is theatre, ballet and a concert in its own right.”

This performance of the Bartók Spring was presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with the Ballet Company of Győr and Fonó Music Hall.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Giselle
    Eszter Adria Herkovics
  • Albrecht
    Daichi Uematsu
  • Myrtha / The Beast
    Gerda Guti
  • Hilarion
    Luka Dimić
  • Wilis
    Tetiana Baranovska
    Diána Gyurmánczi
    Annabelle Hustace
    Lea Napsugár Joó
    Lili Anna Marjai
    Tatiana Shipilova
    Eszter Kovács
    Adrienn Matuza
    Barbara Tüű
  • Men
    Patrik Engelbrecht
    Máté Gémesi
    Gergely Golubkovics
    Krisztián Horváth
    Luigi Iannone
    Richard Szentiványi
    Zoltán Jekli
    Bánk Téglás
    Thales Henrique
  • violin
    Félix Lajkó
  • guitar
    Attila Sidoo
  • cello
    Endre Kertész
  • double bass
    József Barcza Horváth
  • tuba
    János Mazura
  • drums
    Tamás Czirják
  • Set
    Éva Szendrényi
  • music
    Félix Lajkó
  • dramaturgy
    Alexandra Csepi
  • costumes
    Gabi Győri
  • lighting
    Ferenc Stadler
  • assistant to the choreographer
    Zsuzsanna Kara
  • choreographer
    László Velekei

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