dance, contemporary circus

Ballet Company of Győr: Anna Karenina

Dance performance in two parts

one interval
Festival Theatre

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This performance by the Ballet Company of Győr is an adaptation for dance theatre of Anna Karenina, one of the most famous romances in literary history, staged by Seregi Award- and Harangozó Award-winning choreographer László Velekei. At the centre of this choreography based on Tolstoy's classic work are Anna and her tragic fate, with her passionate love, struggles and foreshadowed fall all transplanted into the language of dance by the Győr-based company.

In 1872, Tolstoy witnessed a young woman cast herself in front of a freight train in a fit of jealousy. The writer continued to be haunted by the sight of the dead and mangled woman for a long time afterwards. He revised the work a total of 11 times before signing off on the final version, which would make Anna one of the greatest heroines in literature.
Velekei has more than a passing familiarity with the female psyche: his choreographies examining the motivations and souls of self-destructive and doomed women are all prominent parts of his creative oeuvre. Fitting into this series is the story of a successful and universally respected lady: Anna has everything, until one fateful day she meets Count Vronsky, a handsome young military officer with a brilliant career ahead of him. This married woman longing for a full life and true love is seized by a tempestuous passion for her young lover that leads to a tragic outcome. When their eyes first meet, Anna's fate is already sealed: from this point on, her downfall is inevitable.

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • assistant
    Zsuzsa Jónás
  • music
    Max Richter montage
  • lighting designer
    Ferenc Stadler
  • costumes
    Rita Velich
  • set designer
    Mara Bozóki
  • dramaturg
    Alexandra Csepi
  • choreographer
    László Velekei

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