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Artus - Goda Gábor Company: Drip Canon - How's it going, Heraclitus?

concert - dance - theatre interference

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This production by Gábor Goda offers a fresh interpretation of the questions, aphorisms, topoi, sutras and myths that have arisen and have been explored in the course of years of artistic work. As it follows up on fragments of creation jettisoned along the way, the production is informed by the essentials of the spirit of Artus's artistic credo, while it also allows the creators to summarize their achievements as humans and professionals, as well as to open new directions.
The concert: A canon of rain washing over the stage makes waves in unison with the sound of a 17-strong chorus.
The dance: The martial art of Tai Chi - flow, calmness, and the clean and precise reflection and counterbalancing of opposing forces.
The theatre: An imagined dialogue between Heraclitus and Goda - in the language of Artus.
Interference between three disciplines: A single movement, a single sound and a single image in constant flux.

The première was presented by Müpa Budapest and National Dance Theatre. Gábor Goda's Drip Canon production won a Rudolf Lábán Award for the best contemporary dance performance of 2015.

Special thanks to Tai Chi master András Havasi.
Sponsored by: NKA, EMMI, 77 Elektronika

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • Tamás Bakó
    Márton Debreczeni
    Bea Egyed
    Zoltán Mózes
    Melinda Virág
  • Tai Chi Chuan artists
    Zoltán "Sáska" Nagy, László Greguss, Szilvia Izsák
  • musicians
    Á la cARTe Chamber Choir (artistic director: György Philipp)
  • visual design
    Ferenc Sebestény, Gábor Goda, Bea Gold
  • costumes
    Kriszta Lőrincz
  • lighting, creative associate
    Gábor Kocsis
  • creative technicians
    Gábor Papp, Ágoston Nagy
  • video technology
    Krisztián Megyeri
  • texts
    Heraclitus, Gábor Goda
  • music
    György Philipp, László Melis
  • creative associate
    Csilla Nagy
  • production assistant
    Anna Fazekas
  • production manager
    Margit Hodován
  • assistant to the director
    Bea Gold
  • director, choreographer
    Gábor Goda

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