• Budapest Wagner Days

Wagner: Götterdämmerung

classical music, opera, theatre

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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In June 2019, eleven years after first being performed in its entirety at Müpa Budapest, the Ring tetralogy is returning in a revival that preserves Hartmut Schörghofer's acclaimed directorial concept, but which has been updated in several respects, with new choreographies, stage action and projected films for the audience to enjoy. This will be the second occasion for the audience to see this new and yet still familiar Ring.

In Götterdämmerung, the fourth work in the Ring of the Nibelung tetralogy, destiny is fulfilled when Siegfried falls victim to the treachery of the Gibichungs and Brünnhilde herself leaps into his funeral pyre mounted on her horse, Grane. The Rhine floods its banks and inundates the pyre, and the Rhinemaidens recover the ring, their rightful property. Valhalla is covered in flames, and the realm of the gods fades away.
'...The Nibelung myth […] served to reveal the original injustice out which an entire world of injustice grew and thereby came to destruction, and to teach us a lesson to recognise injustice, tear it out root and branch, and establish a just world in its place! "Continuing to work on my Nibelung, it came to me that it was not a certain phase of the development of the world that I had glimpsed, but instead I had recognised the essence of the world in its total and hopeless nothingness,' wrote Wagner. At the end of Götterdämmerung, audiences of the tetralogy witness a vision of the destruction of the earth, and yet are still filled with hope. This hope is unmistakably fed by the music itself, suggesting in the end the possibility of a new beginning.
The principal singers in the music drama, Stefan Vinke (Siegfried) and Iréne Theorin (Brünnhilde) are familiar from highly successful performances of the Ring from previous years. On the podium for the performance will be a conductor whose baton has led countless wonderful Wagnerian performances: the artistic director of the Budapest Wagner Days, Ádám Fischer.

A music drama in three acts (Updated version of the renowned production, in German, with surtitles projected in Hungarian and German).

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Adam Fischer
  • Siegfried
    Stefan Vinke
  • Gunther
    Károly Szemerédi
  • Alberich
    Péter Kálmán
  • Hagen
    Albert Pesendorfer
  • Brünnhilde
    Iréne Theorin
  • Gutrune
    Polina Pasztircsák
  • Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • dramaturg
    Christian Martin Fuchs †, Dr. Christian Baier
  • Costume and puppet designer
    Corinna Chrome
  • lighting
    Máté Vajda
  • video
    Szupermodern Filmstúdió Budapest
  • choreographer
    Gábor Vida
  • assistant to the choreographer
    Dóra Asztalos
  • revival director
    Etelka Polgár
  • orchestra rehearsed by
    János Kovács
  • musical assistants
    László Bartal
    Gábor Bartinai
    Dóra Bizják
    Orsolya Fajger
    Friedrich Suckel
    Kálmán Szennai
  • director
    Hartmut Schörghofer

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