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Philippe Herreweghe and the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra

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Joining the Hungarian National Philharmonic to pay homage to Beethoven in the 250th anniversary of his birth with performances of the composer's second and fifth symphonies will be one of the greatest conductors of our time: Philippe Herreweghe. Although these compositions are frequently played core works, Herreweghe is an artist with an exploratory bent, always seeking out new details previously considered unworthy of note. This means we can be sure that this concert will have lots of exciting surprises to offer.
The Belgian conductor is a remarkably sensitive musician - and no wonder, either, as he also trained as a doctor and psychiatrist alongside his music studies. A leading figure of historically informed performance, he quickly realised that this concept was well worth applying not only to interpreting works from the Baroque and Classical periods, but later periods as well. Although it is most often with his own ensembles- the Collegium Vocale Gent, as well as La Chapelle Royale, which plays on period instruments, and the Orchestre des Champs-Élysées, experts in the Classical and Romantic repertoires - that he makes his concert appearances, in this case he will be taking the podium as the guest conductor of the Hungarian National Philharmonic to amaze the audience sitting behind their screens with his interpretations that cut to the essence. These two symphonies by Beethoven, the second and the fifth, represent two different periods of the composer's career: the former is still Classical, although already with many revolutionary features, while the latter presages Romanticism, not only with its drama and the volume of its symphonic sound, but also through the thematic unity that is palpable throughout the work. It is a thrilling pairing, one that promises more than carefree enjoyment: it also entices one to think. The presence of Herreweghe and the Hungarian National Philharmonic together on the stage can be considered a guarantee that this reading will be one free of all the usual elements.

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