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Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov - Encore

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • The MET: Repeat of the live broadcast in HD at Müpa Budapest

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It could be deemed symbolic that the Met's HD video broadcast series is resuming with a work that starts with an atmosphere dominated by tense anticipation. Furthermore, this performance of Mussorgsky's opera is a sign of things returning, as Stephen Wadsworth's production with René Pape's grandiose portrayal of Boris at its centre wowed the Met's global audience back in 2010. Conducting this staging based on the original form of the 1869 opera will be the outstanding Sebastian Weigle.

Impressive monumentality and meticulous psychological development, a people accustomed to suffering and a ruler with a disintegrating personality tormented by the memory of his sins, as well as the cruel mechanics of how history operates in general: Boris Godunov's richness traditionally raises high expectations for whoever is presenting it, who must also choose which of the opera's various versions to use. A good example of this is the Metropolitan Opera's own history with Boris, as Mussorgsky's chef d'oeuvre has been mounted there in several versions and languages since 1913 - general with one of the finest singers around selected for the title role. Joining the legacy of Feodor Chaliapin, Ezio Pinza, George London and Martti Talvela in 2010 was the German bass René Pape, not to mention in a production in which Wadsworth's directing revealed the multiple layers of human relationships and power relations to the audience with exemplary sensitivity. Once again, Pape will primarily be partnering with superb Slav singers in the vast open space of the stage for the length of the performance, which runs without an intermission. These include Aleksey Markov and Stanislav Trofimov, whom we have had the opportunity to admire from up close at Müpa Budapest not so long ago.

The 'Metropolitan Opera Live in HD' transmissions have been made possible through the cooperation of our partner, Cikánek Management.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Sebastian Weigle
  • Boris Godunov
    René Pape
  • Grigory
    David Butt Philip
  • Prince Shuisky
    Maxim Paster
  • Shchelkalov
    Alexey Markov
  • Pimen
    Ain Anger
  • Varlaam
    Stanislav Trofimov
  • Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra
  • Set designer
    Ferdinand Wögerbauer
  • Costume designer
    Moidele Bickel
  • Lighting designer
    Duane Schuler
  • Choreographer
    Apostolia Tsolaki
  • Director
    Stephen Wadsworth

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The MET: Repeat of the live broadcast in HD at Müpa Budapest

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