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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

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As part of the event series aimed at both the youth choral movement and attracting a young audience, the public will get hear a concert featuring Hungary's finest unofficial choirs presented by the Association of Hungarian Choirs, Orchestras and Folk Ensembles (KÓTA) and sponsored by the Ministry of Human Capacities. The rich programme is being compiled and conducted by Csaba Somos, choirmaster of the Hungarian National Choir and co-president of KÓTA.

The remarkable thing about this concert is the fact that it gives twelve amateur choirs the chance to join the MÁV Symphony Orchestra, some outstanding soloists and the Debrecen Kodály Choir in Müpa Budapest's one-of-a-kind concert hall to make music together, performing popular opera excerpts. The concert is part of KÓTA's 'Voice to Voice' series, which between January and June 2020 is offering visitors a number of varied events - including concerts, conferences, professional training assisting in Hungarian music education, choral get-togethers and many other colourful programmes - held all over the country. The aim is, in addition to drawing an adult audience, to address as many young people as possible with high-quality entertainment that conveys the experience of collective singing and music-making.
Sponsored by: Ministry of Human Capacities

Presented by: Association of Hungarian Choirs, Orchestras and Folk Ensembles - KÓTA

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  • Csaba Somos
  • soprano
    Lilla Horti
  • alto
    Erika Gál
  • tenor
    Tibor Szappanos
  • baritone
    Csaba Szegedi
  • Debrecen Kodály Choir (chorus director: Máté Szabó Sipos)
  • MÁV Symphony Orchestra
  • Ilona Andor Friends Association Zoltán Kodály Choir (choirmaster: Andrea B. Horváth)
  • Magnificat Girls' Choir (choirmaster: Valéria Szebellédi)
  • Béla Bartók Girls' Choir of Pécs's Zoltán Kodály High School (choirmaster: Attila Kertész, Bernadett Rózsa)
  • Budapest Vándor Choir (choirmaster: Zsuzsanna Németh)
  • Dunaújváros Mixed Choir (choirmasters: Ágnes Könyves, Gergely Kurucz)
  • Törökbálint Cantabile Choir (choirmaster: Marianna Vékey)
  • VME Lajos Vass Choir (choirmaster: Judit Bárd, Dániel Szűcs)
  • Padrag Miners' Male Choir (choirmaster: Petra Kanyár-Grünvald)
  • Pécs Béla Bartók Male Choir (choirmaster: Tamás Lakner)
  • Tungsram Zoltán Kodály Male Choir (choirmaster: Péter Pálinkás)
  • Hunyadi Grand Choir (choirmaster: Hedvig Büttner Igali)

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