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Chamber Music Evening with István Várdai

classical music, opera, theatre

no interval
Open-Air Car Park
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Is it possible for a single concert to include such a diverse range of music and such a colourful cavalcade of performers that it evokes the atmosphere of a music festival of many days' length? It seems that it is indeed possible: this is exactly what the world-famous cellist and Müpa Budapest's artist of the 2020/21 season István Várdai will be doing, joined by numerous wonderful musicians and, of course, with the help of some of the greatest composers in history - Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Liszt, Bartók and Ligeti - when he brings the fervid ambience of the chamber music festivals of Kapósvár summers to the Müpa Budapest car park.

'And all of this is chamber music?' the music listener may ask rhetorically upon glimpsing this incredibly colourful programme. But we know the answer: 'Yes, chamber music can come in a thousand different forms.' It can be playful or yearning in tone, serious or lyrical, abstract or folklike, virtuosic or light, and its sound can be translucent or richly symphonic. Mozart, Schubert, Respighi, Bartók, Dohnányi, Liszt, Saint-Saëns, Ligeti and Brahms: they all wrote chamber music. It can include singing, or just instruments - and they can be any instruments imaginable, incorporating any of the strings or winds and, of course, the omniscient and triumphant piano. This concert is all about richness: the richness of the diversity of styles and genres, of the broad range of composers and - perhaps most importantly - of the outstanding level of quality of the performing arts in Hungary. And at the head of these performers will be a world class cellist with overwhelming skill, a wonderful imagination and an exciting personality. It will be well worth your time to come and listen to them: at a drive-in cinema concert full of chamber music masterpieces under the starry July sky.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • soprano
    Réka Kristóf
  • violin
    Ágnes Langer, Ernő Kállai
  • viola
    Máté Szűcs, Janka Szomor-Mekis
  • cello
    István Várdai, Gergely Devich
  • double bass
    Bence Horváth
  • piano
    Zoltán Fejérvári, János Palojtay, Balázs Demény
  • flute
    Lívia Duleba
  • clarinet
    Péter Szűcs
  • oboe
    András Győri
  • horn
    Szabolcs Zempléni
  • bassoon
    Jákob Bettermann

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