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Bach: Mass in B minor

one interval
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
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This monumental work composed over the course of 25 years poses numerous hidden and unanswered questions. Complete performances are only undertaken by the most skilful teams of performers, as the nearly two-hour mass requires almost constant singing from the chorus. For fans of the Purcell Choir, this performance will be a true joy.

One of Hungary's most outstanding choral ensembles, the Purcell Choir has been functioning for the three decades since it was founded by György Vashegyi. Nothing reflects the quality of the tireless work of this choir and its leader who have been providing lovers of historically informed performances with astonishing experiences for many years now than the fact that René Jacobs took them on his 2014 tour performing the B minor mass, perhaps the most challenging piece in the choral repertoire. Now, it will be alongside their sister ensemble, the outstanding Orfeo Orchestra, that we will get to hear them perform this massive composition that can be considered the summation of Bach's oeuvre: the composer was still working on it during the final phase of his life and used movements from many of his previous cantatas, a sort of selection of his own choosing from the greatest pieces of a body of work that is already far out of the ordinary.

Presented by: Sysart Kft. Orfeo Music Foundation

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  • György Vashegyi
  • soprano
    Katalin Szutrély, Ágnes Pintér
  • alto
    Eszter Balogh
  • countertenor
    Péter Bárány
  • tenor
    Zoltán Megyesi
  • bass
    Zoltán Melkovics, Lóránt Najbauer
  • Purcell Choir
  • Orfeo Orchestra (on period instruments)

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