Müpa Radio – Every Moment an Experience

The two Müpa Radio stations with 24-hour broadcast have a musical image reflecting the institution’s diverse offer of events, including previous and future performers. 

Müpa Symphony is for classical music fans, while Müpa Easy is for lovers of jazz, pop, world and folk music. 

Our editorial principles are quality and diversity in terms of both style and ambience. Lively and rhythmic music helps listeners wake up in the morning, well-known performers and light melodies take centre stage during the day and relaxed, slower tempos come to the fore in the evening. 


Müpa Radio applicaton

Download the application to your smartphone and enjoy two channels of Müpa Radio:



Müpa Easy

A new thematic programming panel will be launched on the Müpa Easy channel, which is on air 24 hours a day. The panel is available from 6 to 8pm every night, featuring a different selection of music for each evening. Mondays have jazz, Tuesdays soul, Wednesdays world music, Thursdays recordings by Hungarian performers, Fridays go for pop music, Saturdays feature music by artists soon to visit Müpa Budapest, while Sundays showcase electro-jazz and ambient. After that, a compilation of special concert recordings from Müpa Budapest go on air from 8pm every night.



Müpa Symphony 

Different outstanding gems of classical music await listeners every night from 8 to 10 p.m. on Müpa Symphony, which broadcasts 24 hours a day. Mondays showcase piano pieces, Tuesdays compositions for orchestra, Wednesdays focus on chamber music, Thursdays on works for choirs, Fridays on opera.

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